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About IntelliLeads - B2B Sales Leads

IntelliLeads is an intelligent solution to solving the number one business problem of generating B2B sales leads. It is created and offered by technology and marketing professionals. IntelliLeads is made possible through technology and proprietary content marketing.

IntelliLeads is a collaboration between the efficiency, convenience and speed of Web-based technology and over 25 years of creative content marketing expertise. IntelliLeads is a smart answer to solving business marketing problems associated with:

  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Opening New Markets
  • Expanding Existing Markets

What do we do?
We specialize in helping individuals/professionals, small, medium and enterprise businesses achieve success in business-to-business marketing with products or services that sell from $2,000 to $10 million dollars or more. Specifically, we provide a service to generate "high quality" sales leads we call IntelliLeads that result in face-to-face sales meetings.

Welcome to IntelliLeads. If you are a business that sells consultative products or services to other business, you have arrived at the right place.

IntelliLeads is a business-to-business product of BACK-OFFICE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC. (BOBS) a business-to-business marketing firm leading the way in helping businesses generate new B2B sales leads since 1998. We help business-to-business firms sell more products and services through using customer centric lead generation principals and today’s technology mediums.

Our deliverable is in the form of high-quality B2B sales leads obtained through pinpoint target marketing by delivering the right message to the right market on a consistent basis.

A collaboration between the efficiency, convenience and speed of Web-based technology and over 25 years of creative content marketing expertise. BOBS employs intelligent solutions to solving business problems associated with clients that desire to:

 Small Business B2B Marketing Consulting  

Acquire B2B Sales Clients

Open New Markets

Expand Existing Markets

Contact IntelliLeads Email: or Call: 866-986-0988

Our Other Business-to-Business Marketing Solutions include:


Business-to-Business Industry Solutions 

For Business Professionals - High Quality, Useable B2B Information Without Hype. No registration required, all our information is FREE, and there are no banner ads, pop-ups, pop-overs, pop-unders or any other annoying advertising, just quality business to business information you can use every day.

For BusinessesThe Highest Quality B2B Sales Leads. We enable B2B companies to showcase their business solutions in a serious, no hassle (read no annoying ads) environment that professional B2B buyers demand today.

We offer an intelligent method for reaching the "real buyers" of your products or services in B2B target markets. To develop business-to-business marketing leads, we employ a unique content marketing concept that...

  • Entices prospective customers to become informed about your products/services 
  • Allows serious B2B sales prospects to self-qualify themselves  
  • Provides "ready-to-buy" B2B sales leads 

 Call 866-986-0988 or email editor@IndustryArchive.Org

MyMarketingDept B2B Sales Leads 

A Fully Integrated Marketing Service For Small Business. We foster face-to-face sales meetings from intelligent B2B sales lead generation based on customer-centric content that speaks directly to small business in problem/solution communications.

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