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B2B Sales Leads





Comparison of Typical B2B Sales Leads to IntelliLeads

Typical B2B Sales Leads contain:

  • lukewarm interest in your products/services  
  • Simple name captures often missing critical contact information  
  • Many say, "don't call me, or just send literature" when contacted  

By Comparison, IntelliLeads contain:

  • Pre-qualified leads that voluntarily relinquish their contact information

  • Verified, Sales leads that contain complete & accurate contact data

  • Helpful sales insights into the customers' reason for wanting to be contacted

  • Prospects interested in your company & agreeing to be contacted by you! 

To qualify as an IntelliLead, each lead you receive must meet all 5 of the objective characteristics outlined below. We verify this information & you only pay for high quality IntelliLeads that meet all these criteria.

IntelliLeads 5 Objective Criteria-Verified!

  1. Legitimate Contact Information: Name, Email or Phone

  2. Specific Product / Service Request

  3. Specific Application or Problem to Solve
  4. Specific Method of Contact: Phone or Email
  5. Timing of Need: (30, 60, 90 days)

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