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How Your Business Content Gets Found

There are 8 ways to promote your business content at IndustryArchive.Org

  1. Keyword Search

  2. Display Your Business Content URLs in All Your Marketing Materials

  3. Collaborative Marketing

  4. Visitor Search

  5. Search Engine Submission

  6. Pay Per Click Advertising

  7. Daily Social Media Campaigns

  8. Conduct Your Own Direct Marketing Campaign  


Keyword Search:
We submit all your IntelliAds to all the major search engines on a regular basis.

Below is an actual Google™ Search Result from a Client of ours that demonstrates how we answer the question how “How will they find my IntelliAd?”

  • The first search result is an Application Story that resides at our sponsor’s website

  • The third citation is Business Content from the same sponsor that resides at IndustryArchive.Org

Two of the top three search results will drive free traffic to your business content to obtain high quality “ready-to-buy” IntelliLeads.

IndustryArchive collaborative marketing search engine results

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  1. Display Your Business Content URLs: Feature your Business Content URLs in all your offline marketing materials and on your site as third party testimonial links.

Display on brochures, mailers, product/service sheets, etc.

Linking from your site improves how many search engines determine the ranking of your website in their search results. What a great way to improve your own websites search engine ranking and drive traffic to your Business Content at IndustryArchive.Org instead of directing visitors away from your website to some other site.

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  1. Collaborative Marketing: We submit your Business Content & everyone else’s to the major search engines on a regular basis.

    Collaborative marketing is the power of many companies acting individually and in concert to the benefit all. Each sponsor at IndustryArchive.Org is building traffic for themselves and everyone else at the site. The multiplying power of collaborative marketing drives thousands of visitors to IndustryArchive.Org through:

    • Ten of thousands of advertiser's keywords

    • thousands of IntelliAds search engine results

    • thousands of sponsor links to their Business Content

    • Tens of thousands of Individual Sponsor Email & Postal Mailing

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  1. Visitor Search: Visitors finding IndustryArchive.Org on the Internet or by referral from other business colleagues

  2. Search Engine Submission: We submit IndustryArchive.Org to all the major search engines on a regular basis, (The List below changes based on popularity at any given time).


Yahoo Search



AOL Search




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  1. Pay Per Click Advertising: We promote IndustryArchive.Org with PPC advertising

  2. Daily Social Media Campaigns: We promote your Business Content via social media daily to a B2B audience on a rotating Sponsor basis

  3. Conduct Your Own IntelliLeads Direct Marketing Campaigns:

    1. Email Marketing Campaign: Drive traffic from your target audience to your Business Content.

    2. Postal Marketing Campaign: Drive traffic from your target audience to your Business Content. 


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