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Inbound Marketing

The Internet Creates Inbound Marketing...Now What?

The Internet has altered the dynamic of advertising and marketing in the world of business. No longer are buyers at the mercy of “outbound” marketing techniques such as trade advertising, trade shows, and telemarketing where they attempt to "create buyers". The reality is and always has been that B2B buyers exist, and they are never made by advertising. Outbound marketing methods are becoming even less effective for business buyers. Why, because the Internet has leveled the playing field regarding information accessibility.

Before the Internet, most businesses got their information on products and services almost exclusively from advertisers. Before, advertisers were able to control how, what, when, and where business buyers got their information about products and services they needed to solve business problems. Those days are gone.

Now buyers wield more tools to block out traditional "interruptive advertising" techniques with caller Id and  telephone answering systems rendering telemarketing virtually obsolete, to spam filters defeating email blasts and who has time to read trade magazines today.

Today B2B buyers scour the Internet and research potential solutions for their products and services before they ever entertain or will even listen to a potential supplier. Buyers want to be more informed about what it is they are buying, and the Internet has empowered them like never before. So what does this mean to you the seller, plenty?

  1. What are the marketing and communications techniques you need to be employing today to connect with a well-informed buyer?
  2. What is the nature of the communications messages you need to be sending?
  3. What are the best delivery vehicles to get your marketing messages heard?

Enter Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about respecting the new informed reality of today's business buyer. Information is king and power emanates out of the barrels of a new set of marketing tools. Inbound marketing focuses not on pushing advertising messages out to prospective clients in the old interruptive ways.
Instead, Inbound marketing capitalizes on the power of the Internet to attract and persuade potential customers based on the power of your ideas and solutions to customer problems. Gone are the days of telling prospective customers how great your company is and that you have what they need. Now you have to understand customer problems from the customers point of view, not yours. The best way to reach your B2B customers is with a combination of customer-centric messaging and inbounding marketing distribution systems. So what are the hallmarks of inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing Values

  • Establish your firm as thoughtful leader in your field
  • Create a dialogue with your potential buyers with high-quality information
  • Share important news and insights on industry trends
  • Promote how you help others achieve their goals and success

All of these goals will build creditability, confidence, and trust with prospective clients. The object of inbound marketing is to encourage sales prospects to choose your firm because your firm is smart, instills trust and confidence by putting your customer first in every communications message that you distribute about your firm. Inbound marketing also requires the use of some new distribution tools.

Inbound Marketing Distribution Tools

  • Customer centric communication messages
  • Web content publishing (articles, white papers, application stories, market research, & case studies)
  • Search engine optimization of all content you publish on the Web
  • Community Websites
  • Blogs, social media, and social networks
So what are benefits of Inbound Marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing is generally less expensive to implement than traditional outbound marketing
  • Sales lead acquisition cost is, therefore, less also, in some cases as much as 50 to 60% less
  • Stronger and longer lasting customer relationships

IntelliLeads B2B sales lead prospecting combines Customer Centric Marketing communications messaging and new distribution vehicles that deliver the important Inbound Marketing Values necessary to reach and build successful long-term customer relationships.